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Engineering Technician

Air Force Acquisition relies on a multitude of engineering disciplines, including mechanical, electrical, chemical, aerospace, general engineering and more. Our engineers provide expertise and technical leadership to develop, acquire, test and support technologically advanced weapon systems and other Air Force capabilities. You will apply your engineering skills to the design, development and production of systems and subsystems, and collaborate with professionals in scientific and engineering disciplines on IT, test and evaluation, product support, manufacturing and quality.

(Locations listed below may not be reflective of all possible locations where opportunities may exist.)

Recent Job Openings

AF Palace Acquire Intern (PAQ) Scientist & Engineer Computer Science - Eglin AFB, FL
Reference Code: BE14-1550-09-EHA-JDC
Industrial Engineer - Eglin AFB, FL
Reference Code: AFPCACQEH-1077493-0896
AF Palace Acquire Intern (PAQ) Scientist & Engineer ENGINEER - Los Angeles, CA
Reference Code: BE14-EHA-1027511-8XX-09-JDC