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Information Technology Management Jobs

Our Information Technology (IT) specialists use software, firmware, computers, network components, peripheral equipment, social media and related resources and knowledge of IT principles, standards, concepts and methods (i.e., IT systems life cycle development (SLC), enterprise architecture (EA), information assurance (IA), and confidentiality, integrity and availability (CI&A)) to develop, execute and measure the performance of IT acquisition plans, procurements and contracts.

(Locations listed below may not be reflective of all possible locations where opportunities may exist.)

Job Title Location Date
IT SPECIALIST (OS) GS 2210 11Wright Patterson Afb, OH10/17/2014
IT SPECIALIST (NETWORK\CUSTSPT) GS 2210 11Wright Patterson Afb, OH10/15/2014
Information Technology ManagementGunter AFB, AL10/01/2014
Information Technology Management (Information Security)Gunter AFB, AL10/01/2014

Recent Job Openings

Information Technology Management (Information Security) - Gunter AFB, AL
Reference Code: AFPCACQEH-1215765-2210
Information Technology Management - Gunter AFB, AL
Reference Code: AFPCACQEH-1215743-2210
IT SPECIALIST (NETWORK\CUSTSPT) GS 2210 11 - Wright Patterson Afb, OH
Reference Code: AFMC-1235989-227548-9X-BSS